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Northern Ohio
Labrador Retriever Club, Inc.

Founded 1981                                    An AKC Licensed Club


PLEASE NOTE: The listed breeders are members in good standing of the NOLRC, Inc. but under no circumstances does the NOLRC, Inc. guarantee the services of said members.  Buyers should review any contracts and/or guarantees with the breeder.



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Kathy Seider
Belledin Labradors
Puppies: Black and yellow
E-mail Belledin Labradors
Belledin Labradors

Janet Yosay
Royalty Labradors
4399 S. Turner Rd.
Canfield, Ohio   44406
Breeding Labs since 1973
Puppies: Black, yellow, chocolate
Show, pet, hunting
E-mail Royalty Labradors

Kristi Godard
Medina, Ohio  
E-mail WannaStay Labradors
WannaStay Labradors

Mickie Kiko
Midnight Shadow Labradors
Louisville, Ohio  
E-mail Midnight Shadow Labradors
Midnight Shadow Labradors

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